Elder Care Providers Help Family Caregivers

Taking care of a dependent elderly relative means that family caregivers devote a lot of time and energy to their duties. Depending on their physical or cognitive conditions, many seniors need help around the house and with self-care. Some elderly adults cannot be left alone because of their health. This means that family caregivers constantly worry about their loved one and work round the clock to attend to their needs. Unfortunately, family caregivers often have few resources when they need to have some respite.

Elder Care Ponte Vedra FL - Elder Care Providers Help Family Caregivers
Elder Care Ponte Vedra FL – Elder Care Providers Help Family Caregivers

Hiring an elder care provider is the ideal way for aging adults to get the high level of care they need while allowing the family caregiver to step away and find some balance in their life.

Why Respite is Important

It’s easy for family caregivers to put their physical and emotional needs on the back burner in favor of what their elderly relative needs. However, caregiving without regular breaks can be detrimental to a person’s health. Studies show that family caregivers are at a higher risk than other adults for chronic stress and burnout. This can cause high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, mood swings, anxiety, depression, social isolation and poor eating habits.

When family caregivers take regular breaks and look for ways to take care of their physical and emotional needs, they become better caregivers. With a scheduled elder care provider coming into the home and giving professional care to the elderly adult, the family caregiver can attend to their own responsibilities and step away from the demands of the day.

Ideas for Effective Breaks

Frequent breaks for family caregivers are necessary to maintain their physical and emotional health. While the elder care provider is with the aging adult, family caregivers should make the most of their time away. Taking care of their body must be a priority, with a healthy diet, exercise, plenty of sleep and staying away from smoking, alcohol and drugs.

Emotionally, family caregivers need to do things that bring them peace and happiness. Many find joy in doing a hobby like gardening, golfing, crafting and reading. Family caregivers can spend some time in nature hiking or taking walks. Even small pleasures like shopping or lunching with friends is important to maintain a healthy social life. There is also great value in having some restorative alone time, such as for meditation and journaling.

While it seems like an elder care provider only benefits the elderly adults, the truth is that the family caregivers also benefit. Hiring an elder care provider to provide respite services for caregivers gives them a chance to rejuvenate their mind and body so they will be happier and healthier.

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