Four Types of Exercise Your Senior Needs to Get Regularly

When you start talking about exercise with your aging adult, there are different types of exercise you need to consider. Each of these different types of activities give her different benefits, but they’re all a part of a well-rounded exercise plan.

Home Care Services Ponte Vedra Beach FL - Four Types of Exercise Your Senior Needs to Get Regularly
Home Care Services Ponte Vedra Beach FL – Four Types of Exercise Your Senior Needs to Get Regularly

Balance Exercises

Falls are a huge problem for aging adults, but the better your senior’s balance is, the more likely she’ll be to avoid a fall. Exercises geared toward improving your senior’s balance might include activities like tai chi and yoga. Adaptations to some of the exercises that are a part of these two disciplines can make them accessible to your senior, no matter what her existing capabilities are.

Exercise that Stretches

In addition to better balance, your senior needs to stay as flexible and limber as she possibly can be. This helps her to avoid falls as well, but it also helps to decrease her risk of injury as she goes through her daily life. Regular stretching can also help your elderly family member to improve her range of motion. This can be crucial if she has issues with mobility or problems with arthritis or other joint issues.

Strength-building Exercises

As your elderly family member ages, she loses muscle tone and strength. Any exercises that build muscle and help her to retain the muscles that she has are excellent options. It’s also worth noting that weight-bearing exercise is vital to helping your senior’s bones stay strong. Resistance bands and light weights are all good choices for these types of exercises.

Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise is a category that most people seem familiar with as soon as it’s mentioned. These are activities that engage big muscles and work your senior’s heart and lungs. These types of exercises can include walking, swimming, bicycling, and more.

Making Exercise Easier

Getting started with an exercise program isn’t easy for people of any age, honestly. But for your aging adult, it can take a little more assistance for her to get into the groove. It helps to have a schedule and for your senior to enjoy the exercise that she’s doing. If she doesn’t have someone to exercise with and you can’t be there for her, consider hiring home care services providers who can ensure that she’s safe while she’s working out.

Always talk to your aging family member’s doctor about her exercise plan, especially if she’s starting a new one and hasn’t exercised in a long time. Developing a solid and consistent routine will help your senior to stick with the plan.

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