5 Steps to Setting Up Social Media for Seniors

You may just think that your elderly mom or dad isn’t interested in social media, but for many seniors, they are fearful. Modern technology can be really intimidating, because it really is a foreign language for them. However, the benefits of seeing your aging parent connect with family members, friends and their community is well worth it.

Senior Care Jacksonville Beach FL - 5 Steps to Setting Up Social Media for Seniors
Senior Care Jacksonville Beach FL – 5 Steps to Setting Up Social Media for Seniors

Remember that aging adults are often more isolated than they’ve ever been in their lives. Due to illness, injury or chronic conditions, they often lose the ability to walk far, travel or even drive. They may depend on a senior care provider to help them with basic tasks like housekeeping and cooking. Increased isolation can lead to loneliness and even depression. Social media can keep your aging mom or dad involved in family conversations, activities and events.

Here are 5 steps to set up a social media account for your aging parent:

1. Start Slowly

Choose one social media platform that lots of other family members are on and set up an account. Many people find Facebook is a good, user-friendly start.

2. Get the Proper Device

If your aging parent already has a computer they are familiar with, it makes sense to use that device for their foray into social media. Otherwise, a tablet or laptop can also work. Small screens and buttons may make it harder for them to use a smartphone.

3. Set It Up Before

Your elderly parent is going to be intimidated enough to start with social media, so spare them the confusion of how to set up an account. They’ll be more likely to jump on board when all they must learn is navigation and so forth.

4. Be Patient

Your aging parent is entering a whole new world of communication and many aspects won’t be intuitive. Spend a lot of time teaching them the ins and outs of social media. It’s a good idea to write down all the steps to log in, post and so forth so your elderly mom or dad can find success.

5. Recruit Help

Make sure other people, like friends, family members and senior care providers, also take the time to help your aging parent use their social media. The more instruction and assistance your mom or dad gets, the more comfortable they will be.

Implementing these 5 steps should really make a difference in getting your elderly parent plugged in and enjoying social media. If your loved one is still apprehensive, tell other family members to encourage them and let their senior care provider check their account throughout the day to see what they are missing. Eventually, they will start to enjoy the involvement and become more familiar with the technology. It won’t be long before they take their social media account into their own hands.

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