Is a Smart Speaker Really Going to Help Your Dad Age at Home?

Smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa grew in popularity. One area where they are often used is aging at home. These devices can help the elderly age at home thanks to a variety of features and services.

Elderly Care St. Augustine Beach FL - Is a Smart Speaker Really Going to Help Your Dad Age at Home?
Elderly Care St. Augustine Beach FL – Is a Smart Speaker Really Going to Help Your Dad Age at Home?

You still may be wondering if a smart speaker is really going to be helpful to your dad. To get a better understanding if it’s the right choice for your dad, here are things a smart speaker can do.

Appointment and Medication Reminders

Setting a reminder on a smart speaker is easy. You can do it from an app on your phone or tell the speaker to set a reminder when you’re in your dad’s house. Systems like Google Home link to other Google services like Google Calendar, so it can pull from the calendar for appointment reminders.

You can set daily alarms to remind your dad to take medications. Tell Google to set an alarm for every day at 10 a.m., and an audible alarm goes off at the same time each day. Your dad can wake up, ask Google what his day is like, and he’ll get the morning news, weather, and any appointments.

Other smart speakers also have alarms and reminders that you can set up. They work the same way.

Phone Calls

Google Voice can be linked to a Home to allow your dad to make phone calls. All he has to do is tell Google to call a person or business and it places the call through the smart speaker. He doesn’t need to pick up a phone, which makes it a handy tool if he falls and needs help.

Games and Audiobooks

If your dad wants to play a game with his smart speaker, there are plenty of games available. He can play trivia by himself or with his grandkids and other family members.

If your dad enjoys audio books, smart speakers can be linked to a service with audiobooks. Once he has a book, it will play it for him.


Smart speakers can play music if you have it linked to a music player like IHeartRadio, Pandora, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, or Spotify. All he has to do is ask his speaker to play a certain song, album, artist, or music category and it will.

No Speaker Can Replace an Elderly Care Services Provider

While smart speakers can help a lot with medication reminders, entertainment, and phone calls, they can’t replace the personal touch of a caregiver. Elderly care services can send a trained professional to your dad’s home to cook his meals, take him shopping, and do his housework and laundry. Learn more by calling our elderly care specialist to talk about local options.

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