Mission and Core Values


Our mission statement, “We’re for Care! Not for Profit!” is evidenced by the way we:

We know that everyone is special, so we make extraordinary efforts for our community by adding value in how we treat our families, patients, and staff members.  We are committed to providing high-quality, client-centered and affordable nursing services for our clients to assist them to live dignified and independent lives in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Their needs are carefully assessed, understood and met through the selective assignment of qualified, trustworthy and compassionate personnel.


  • We value care for both patients and staff.
  • Not only do we talk-the-talk but we walk-the-walk.
  • Low consumer pricing.
  • Incentivized provider consumer care.

Core Values

Our unique business model utilizes tax deductibility by promoting community donations to offset costs to the consumer and improving the quality of care through caregiver incentives applying the following core values: 

  • Accountability – responsible for our actions that influence the lives of our customers and fellow staff members.
  • Commitment – committed to rolling out great services and initiatives that impacts the internal and external environment throughout our organization.
  • Diversity – showing respect for all cultures, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientation, ages, genders, and disabilities.
  • Empowerment – for employees to take initiative and promote a positive work environment.
  • Integrity – adhering to the professional code of ethics of the home care industry.
  • Passion – develop and maintain positive relationships within the community which includes local in home care and other health care organizations.
  • Purpose – a sense of responsibility and contribution to our society that defines our existence
  • Respect – giving value back to our staff by supporting, recognizing, and appreciating them, for they are providing us with our greatest assets.
  • Quality – apply continuous quality improvement measures throughout our agency.
  • Service Excellence – recruiting, training and retaining competent staff. Giving the best and world class service and achieving excellence each passing day.

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Home-Call Health Care • 7235 Bonneval Road #404 • Jacksonville, Florida 32256 • 904-861-0424 • Office Hours: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Home-Call Healthcare Corporation is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. All donations to the Home-Call Healthcare are tax deductible. Home-Call Health Care’s tax identification number is 46-4540554. Home-Call Healthcare dba Nurse Registry Associates. Licensure #3021182  Certificate 4964