Our home health care providers perform services at any level that suits our clients’ requirements.

Homemaker is a person who provides the services a typical homemaker would perform toward the goal of keeping the home clean and safe as possible within the client’s and caregiver’s resources. Duties include preparation of meals, laundry and shopping.

Companion is a person who gives emotional support, builds trust, provides basic companionship, and performs light housekeeping.  The companion also assists with personal grooming and stabilizes the client while walking. The companion observes and reports any changes in the client’s behavior or physical condition to staff professionals. While the companion provides needed emotional support for the client, she also gives the family peace of mind that their member is well tended between family visits.

Home health aide is a professional care provider trained and qualified in competencies such as assisting with activities of daily living (bathing, medications, assisting with meals) and serving as the eyes and ears for the client’s doctors and nurses. These caregivers alert our nurse and family if the client’s behavior or medical condition changes.

Certified nurses’ aide (CNA) is a state-licensed professional who performs a wide variety of services including feeding, helping with physical movement, bladder and bowel care, measuring vital signs like temperature and blood pressure. With advanced training, CNAs also perform sterile dressing changes, suctioning, oxygen therapy, IV care and other functions.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN): a state license professional who perform skilled nursing care under the direction of a registered nurse, or a physician licensed pursuant to Florida Statutes, as required under 464.003(3)(b), F.S.

Registered Nurse (RN): This individual provides skilled nursing care to patients in accordance with the physician’s orders. Provides intermittent, individualized nursing care to patients in the home setting.

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